What to Look for in a Web Host

what to look for web hosting
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Whether you are setting up a brand new website for your business or seeking a new home for your existing one, finding the right web host is essential. The web hosting service you choose could make or break your site, and that could make or break your business.

If you are in the hunt for a new web host, you are probably considering a number of factors, from the cost of the web hosting package and the availability of 24/7 tech support to the number of domains and subdomains you can have.

With all those things to think about, it is easy to overlook similarly important factors, including the features listed below.

1. Email Support and Options

Your new web hosting package will probably come with a number of email addresses linked to your chosen domain, but the nature of that email support is very important. Before you sign on the bottom line, ask yourself a number of questions, including:

  • How many email addresses come with the hosting package?
  • Can I add additional email addresses if I wish?
  • Is there a web interface for accessing my email?
  • Does the hosting package include support for email on mobile devices?

The answers to these questions are very important, and you need to find definitive information before agreeing to a web hosting package. Even in this age of texting, the quality of email support is a critical factor for every business.

2. Programming Support

Support for your chosen server-side programming language is very important, but it is easy to overlook just how important it is. When choosing a web host and evaluating its programming support, you need to look at not only what you are using now but the languages you plan to use in the future.

It is a good idea to choose a web host with support for a wide variety of programming languages, as doing so will give you the most freedom and flexibility. If you do decide to switch programming languages in the future, you will know your web host is ready for the change.

3. Uptime Statistics

Your website is no good to anyone when it is down. In the end, it does not matter how beautifully designed your website is or how easy your web host is to deal with. If your website goes down frequently, it will quickly have an impact on your business and your profit margin.

Researching uptime statistics is an essential part of choosing a web host, and the process should not be rushed or minimized. Minimizing downtime is absolutely essential, and you should not accept excuses or deal with a web host with a history of ongoing downtime or poor customer support.

4. Ease of Backup

You know how important it is to back up your website on a regular basis, but a cumbersome process can reduce the frequency of those backups and put your business at risk. When choosing a web hosting service, always ask about the backup process and test it for yourself if possible.

Can you back up your website on the go from your smartphone, tablet or another mobile device? Can you automate the backup process to have it kick off every day? Can you easily assign backup tasks to various employees in your company? The answers to all these questions are very important, and you should refuse to deal with any web host who refuses to answer them.

5. Scriptaculous Software Installer

If you are going to be running in WordPress, Joomla or any of the other popular CMS then you will want to make sure your host comes with Scriptulucous.

This tool allows you to easily install these content management systems with just about1 click. It will help you get your site up and going a lot faster than doing everything manually.

Most hosts that include cPanel management, will come with Scriptaculous.

6. cPanel Management

cPanel is an intuitive and simple website host management system that makes it really easy to manage your website, emails, database, domains and a ton of other features.

cPanel was created over 23 years ago and is still to this day, one of the best web hosting control panels.

7. Optimal Speed

You have a number of important things to consider when choosing a new web host, and it is important to do your comparisons carefully and make the right decisions. The 4 features listed above are often overlooked, but making them part of your decision-making process is absolutely essential.


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