6 Features Your Web Host Needs

Features Your Web Host Needs
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If your website experiences frequent downtime due to poor quality web hosting, you risk losing valuable business. It doesn’t help that some short-staffed providers often delay in resolving urgent support requests. To save yourself from the frustration of dealing with an unreliable web host, consider the following six factors when looking for a hosting company.

High Uptime Percentage and Fast Loading Speed

A dependable web hosting firm guarantees at least 99 percent uptime to ensure that your site will always be up and running. Poor uptime can be detrimental to your website’s success, as you’ll be driving away lots of site visitors if your site is often inaccessible because of frequent site outage.

Moreover, Internet surfers typically get exasperated over sluggish page load times, which is why you need to ensure your web pages will load quickly with your chosen web hosting service. Ask around and read online reviews to find out whether a hosting provider can improve your website’s page load times.

Plan Upgrade Options

Your selected hosting plan should meet your specific website needs. Consider the kind of website you’re building, and review your online business goals. A good choice for beginners is a shared hosting account, which is usually affordable and easy to maintain. A shared hosting account is powerful enough for most new websites to run smoothly. It’s ideal for well-optimized WordPress blogs with up to 40,000 unique visitors per month.

However, if you’re looking to host an e-commerce website and you’re expecting to get a high number of visitors, it’s best to avoid cheap hosting plans. Go with a hosting plan that provides sufficient disk space, memory capacity, and processing power to cater to your growing needs. Make sure to choose a provider that offers upgrading options, allowing you to seamlessly upgrade to a dedicated or virtual private server once your website traffic increases and your business starts to flourish.

Site Backup

A reliable web host provider regularly performs site backups and restores a large part — if not all — of your website in the event your site crashes. These assurances give you peace of mind that unprecedented events, such as malicious hackers getting into your WordPress site, won’t cripple your business.

Ask your web hosting company if full backups are conducted on a regular basis. Moreover, find out if backups are easy to do in the control panel, if automated backups are possible through the use of a program, and if website owners themselves are given the option to carry out a restoration process.

Special Features

Find out if there are special features that make a hosting company stand out. Features such as free domain privacy and multiple data centers make hosting plans more attractive. A useful feature to look out for is the ability to host your email, making it appear like email@yourdomain.com. Some hosting providers also run environmentally friendly operations by powering their servers with renewable energy, which prevents the emission of harmful carbon dioxide and makes the web host companies an excellent choice for green consumers.

Phone, Email, and Live Chat Support

Around-the-clock support is a prerequisite when entrusting your website to a hosting service. A lot of things can go wrong during the most inconvenient periods, so it’s important for a web host company to have a completely reliable support team. Your chosen hosting provider should have a competent staff capable of fixing technical problems and not just chatty salespeople.

Most web host companies offer phone and email support, while some also offer 24/7 live chat support. Choose a web host company that delivers the kind of customer support you prefer. Additionally, it’s good to have access to readily available articles, PDFs, and other documents on the hosting provider’s website to help you quickly troubleshoot common problems without having to wait for support.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Whether your web host provider uses cPanel, Plesk, or a third-party control panel, make sure that the control panel is easy to navigate. A clunky and confusing control panel will lead to a troublesome experience, and you’ll end up contacting the tech support team frequently, more so if you’re not tech-savvy.

With these factors in mind, you’ll know how to choose the right hosting provider for your needs. Be aware that hosting plan prices at signup are usually different from renewal prices, so take these price differences into account when comparing hosting services. Trusted providers offer money-back guarantees without high cancellation fees. Remember to check track records and customer reviews. With an established and trusted web host company, your website and business will be in good hands.

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