Best Free Web Hosting Options

Best Free Web Hosting Options
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Building and maintaining a website has become the go-to method for both businesses and individuals who possess a message they wish to deliver to the masses.

However, many first-time website owners are not yet familiar with managing and promoting their own chunk of space. For these website owners, it may not make a lot of sense to spend a lot of money on making a website available to audiences they do not yet possess.

Simple and free are the options that fit most people in this or a similar situation.

There are a number of services on the internet advertising web hosting at no cost to website owners. But most adults understand that the word free means different things in different situations.

The following is a run-down of reputable companies that advertise free web hosting:


The web hosting services provided by Bluehost is recommended by WordPress. Bluehost is also a giant in the industry of web hosting.

Bluehost offers new WordPress users a free SSL certificate and website name. These perks are in addition to the 63% discount these WordPress users receive from Bluehost. When all is calculated, you will be able to begin broadcasting your message through Bluehost for $2.75 a month.

Website owners who choose BlueHost as the company to host their website will also receive unlimited disk space and branded email addresses at no additional cost.


SiteGround is a major player in the world of free web hosting. The company is known for its fast and efficient performance as well as its commitment to excellent customer support services. SiteGround also comes with a stamp of approval from WordPress.

Webmasters new to SiteGround can take advantage of the 60 percent discount offered to WordPress users and pay a total of $3.95 monthly for their web hosting.

Other perks enjoyed by customers of SiteGround include a free website builder, unlimited email addresses, and 1-click installation for users of Joomla and WordPress. Teachers and students are eligible for a special $1.99 monthly rate from SiteGround.

Just Host

Just Host is another great low-cost alternative for website owners in search of great hosting services. The services offered by Just Host are perfectly suited for individuls in need of hosting for a starter website.

Website owners can start with Just Host for as little as S3.95 a month with a plan that offers a number of perks and freebies. The perks available to Just Host Users include a free domain name, all the email addresses the user needs, and 1-click capability with WordPress and other platforms that use CMS software.

It is important not to confuse with the website that is the home of the popular website builder WordPress. offers a completely free web hosting plan that comes with a subdomain ending with the address For example, “”

Your free hosting will provide you with free templates and 3 GB of storage. If you do not want the ads placed on your site that is required when you opt for free hosting from, you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.


HostGator began offering hosting services in 2002 and has worked its way up the industry ladder to become one of the largest providers of web hosting on the planet. The growth rate of the company has been attributed to the affordability, reliable services, and world-class customer service offered by the company.

Each hosting plan offered by HostGator comes with free HTTPS/SSL and unlimited email addresses. The bandwidth and disk space provided to HostGator customers is unmetered. You can get started with HostGator for as little as $2.64 cents a month.


Wix is a free website builder that also provides users with hosting options. As usual with completely free hosting options, Wix will place ads of its choice on your website go offset the cost of the hosting services it provides at no fee.

If you decide you like Wix better without ads placed on your website, You can opt for a paid hosting plan to go ad-free.

Website owners that opt for the completely free plan offered by Wix will enjoy a Wix subdomain, access to a library of templates offered by Wix, and 500 MB of both bandwidth and storage.


Weebly provides website owners of all experience levels with a website builder that makes remarkably simple to create professional-quality websites. The interface offered by Weebly includes a drag and drop builder that can be paired with one of the many easy to use templates to complete the design of a website.

The free plan offered by Weebly includes a subdomain with the Weebly name, 500 MB storage capability, and Weebly ad displays. A paid plan from Weebly eliminates the need for ads and will provide website owners with more storage space. Paid Weebly users can also

unlock additional features offered by the company.


Squarespace allows website owners to build a website without the need to possess any technical knowledge of any kind. Website owners have applauded the highly professional templates as well as the drag and drop builder offered by Squarespace.

Weebly offers a 14-day free trial to allow users to try out all the features Squarespace has to offer. However, the websites created will not go public until owners purchase a paid plan.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the power behind some of the most popular websites in existence. The platform can be a bit problematic at times for small business owners but is great for developers and students who are interested in developing their crafts and showcasing their capabilities to the world.

Amazon offers website owners 12 months of web hosting services at no charge. This free hosting is in addition to a number of free products that will prove to be a great help to users along the way. The free platform offered by Amazon is the perfect place for students to work on their skills as developers.

Google Cloud Hosting

Small businesses and students can benefit greatly from the web hosting services that Google Cloud offers free of charge. These Google produced services come with all the features you would expect in a company of their class.

Google provides all new users with $300 in credits that can be used to try out its pay per use web hosting services. These credits are sufficient for many users to receive hosting without committing any money for a complete year.

Google Cloud Hosting is compatible with all types of websites and makes special accommodations for users interested in WordPress websites.

The Bottom Line

Many new website owners possess questions regarding whether or not it is possible to receive web hosting at no cost. While the simple answer is yes, it is important to remember that even “free” will have some type of cost attached to it. The good news is there are many web hosting options available that require little to no cost to benefit from the quality services they provide. The ten web hosting providers above stand out among the best that are available.


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